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Meet Our Clinical Partners

At the core of Hope For Hallie’s mission are our invaluable clinical partners, the champions propelling us forward. Their expertise and steadfast commitment not only enable us to bring essential therapy to teens but also play a crucial role in actualizing our scholarship program, making therapeutic support accessible to adolescents in need. Instrumental in continuing the vital conversation around mental health, they enhance our C.A.R.E initiative by fostering deep community connections, illuminating the complexities of mental health struggles, and offering direct resources and transformative education. Their contributions, from collaborative clinical events to direct therapy provisions, are paramount in upholding our shared vision. We remain profoundly grateful for their integral role in shaping a supportive landscape for our youth and advancing the dialogue on mental well-being.

Thriving Families

The union of Hope For Hallie with Thriving Families underscores our shared commitment to adolescent mental well-being. Thriving Families, renowned for their holistic approach to mental health, stands as our trusted clinical partner. Together, our partnership aims to magnify the impact of our mission by ensuring that every teen seeking assistance through Hope For Hallie receives the specialized therapeutic guidance they deserve. To learn more about Thriving Families’ comprehensive services and their mission to foster resilience and well-being, visit their official website at thrivingfamiliescenter.com.

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Greenepsych Clinical & Sport Psychology

Our partnership with the team at Greenepsych embodies our first mission, and continued commitment, to raising mental health awareness through sport. Greenepsych is a leader in providing sport psychology and counseling to athletes of all ages and specialties. We are honored to have Greenepysch as a partner in our outreach and to be able to elevate our messaging using their expertise. Greenepsych provides practical high-performance strategies for individual athletes, coaches, and teams. To learn more about Greenepsych and their team, visit their website at www.greenepsych.com or contact Dr. Mitchell Greene – mgreene@greenepsych.com.

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Meet Our Community Partners

Since our inception as a 501(c)(3) organization in 2020, Hope For Hallie’s mission has been deeply enriched by our community partners. These invaluable allies amplify our voice, enhance our resource capabilities, and ensure that Hallie’s enduring legacy resonates throughout our community. They not only raise awareness about mental health but also catalyze our mission’s outreach. Their unwavering dedication drives our shared vision forward, ensuring that, together, we create an environment where mental health is both understood and embraced. We’re profoundly grateful for their continued commitment to this transformative cause.

On Angels Wings

On Angels Wings is a team comprised of automotive and motorsports enthusiasts who have joined together to support Hope For Hallie. They do so by raising funds and awareness for our organization through track events, the annual Show For Hope Car Show, and the Annual Ride For Hope.

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