Advocacy Through Awareness

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Awareness for Mental Health & Young Adults

At Hope for Hallie, we aim to illuminate the conversation around mental health by integrating awareness into every aspect of our work. From programming to education, community outreach to advocacy, we’re devoted to encouraging an open dialogue on mental health issues, shattering stigmas and fostering a society of empathy and understanding.

Our approach to awareness is dynamic, leveraging diverse platforms and events to reach out and connect. To both increase awareness and fund our impactful programming, we host an array of engaging events throughout the year. From our spirited Color Run in May, the reflective Candle Light Vigil in October, the memorable Hope for Hallie Memorial Golf Outing in September, to the uplifting On Angels Wings Rides and calming Virtual Mindfulness Meditation sessions, we’re always creating opportunities for learning and connection.

150,000+ Friends Reached

With our efforts, we’ve been able to reach over 150,000 teens – a testament to our dedication and the power of a community united. But our mission doesn’t stop here. We’re continually planning and innovating, looking for new ways to engage our community and create an environment where mental health is recognized and prioritized.

Join us in bringing light to the importance of mental health. Through our awareness efforts, we can collectively inspire change, nurture hope, and celebrate the spirit of resilience that defines our community. Let’s transform the conversation around mental health together.

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