Committee & Team Descriptions

Golf Outing Committee

Events and Programming Committee

Event and Programming Committee Leadership: 

Logistics/Committee Chair (can be more than one person):
This person (or team) oversees the event from start to finish. If you choose to fill this role with more than one person, make sure they work together very well and communicate closely. 

Event Planner/Assistant Committee Lead
This role handles the details of the event itself. This person needs to be really good at juggling multiple priorities, coordinates with all committee members and corporate partners, make contact with vendors, and galvanize volunteers. 

Corporate Relations and Sponsorship Committee
The Corporate Relations and Sponsorship Committee should possess excellent relationship skills to develop a rapport with corporate sponsors and get them onboard with the organization and its priorities. The Committee should be able to identify event sponsors, develop a strategy for acquiring sponsors, and deliver the promised benefits to sponsors. 

Volunteer Coordinator
Our events rely on volunteers on the day of to make it successful. Hope For Hallie needs someone (or a team) who is great at working with and motivating people, solving problems and generally helps people feel they are part of the team. This person:

Development Committee

The Development Committee will be responsible for supporting programming and solicitations to garner individual giving, corporate giving, and foundation grants. Forms of programming/solicitation will include an Annual Appeal, Sponsorships, Bequests, and Grants—as well as events that will be managed by a Director of Development and his/her committees. Those with prior fundraising experience or grant writing experience are encouraged to apply, as are those with strong community and/or corporate ties.

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