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Whether you’re the one in distress or someone you care about is having a mental health crisis, it’s important to know you’re not alone. There are multiple avenues for immediate help:

  1. Text or Call 988: The Suicide & Crisis Lifeline is ready to assist you at any time. Based on your area code, you’ll be connected to the nearest crisis call center. Spanish-speaking individuals can select this language option.
  2. County Crisis Lines: If you’re in Southeastern Pennsylvania and your area code is not local, calling your county crisis line can be more effective. These lines connect you to highly trained, compassionate crisis counselors who specialize in mental health crises. See the list of numbers below for your county:
    • Bucks County: 800.499.7455
    • Chester County: 877.918.2100
    • Delaware County: 855.889.7827
    • Montgomery County: 855.634.4673
    • Philadelphia County: 215.686.4420
  3. Call 911: If there’s an immediate risk of physical harm, dial 911 right away. Your call will be directed to the nearest local center based on your GPS location.

These hotlines provide 24/7 access to mental health support, including in-person evaluations and necessary referrals. It’s a judgement-free zone with reduced risk of arrest.

For those who prefer text-based help, the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline offers Lifeline Chat, a round-the-clock web chat service with counselors providing emotional support and additional services. Connect here: 988 Lifeline Chat.

In times of calm, preparing for potential crisis moments can make a world of difference. For resources to help cope with, prepare for, or prevent a crisis, check out our resource page: Crisis Resource Page.

This page was last updated in July 2022.

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